Härweli competition

What on Earth is a Härweli?

Härwelis are a very visible part of the TeekkariWappu of Tampere. On the First of May, or Wappu Day, the Fuksi Parade will march along the streets of central Tampere and large crowds will gather to marvel at these weird constructs. Since the year 1987 (or maybe even 1986) guilds have built their own Härwelis and caused confusion among the people of Tampere with their most curious creations.

So what is this mysterious Härweli? The idea of Härwelis has usually been some current event or thing, which the organisation wants to comment on or bring to display, or simply something to describe its creators' imagination or actions. Actually it can be any constructed thing, as long as certain restrictions are respected.

Patent a Härweli!

The patenting of Härwelis will begin 4.4. at 3 pm. Every guild and INTO can patent two (2) Härweli ideas. The first come, first served principle applies to the patenting of ideas.

Construction Times

Härwelis can only be constructed in Bommari and only during allowed construction times. The 2022 Härweli will be built as Bommari’s reservations allow, without disturbing other Bommar users.
Below are the times when Bommar may NOT be built:
13.4.2022 14-22
14.4.2022 10-17
15.4.2022 12-18
15.4.2022 18-22
17.4.2022 10-19
20.4.2022 10-20
21.4.2022 14-22
22.4.2022 14-22
24.4.2022 13-22
26.4.2022 10-22
28.4.2022 15-22
It is also good to note that the x-time before that time may have some preparation for the event at Bommari and may make it difficult to build Härweli.


Because building a Härweli is hard and time-consuming, the creators of the best piece definitely deserve to be rewarded! In 2021 the Härweli team from the winning guild will get to enjoy the following prizes:

  • A hosted sauna evening at Hämpin kattosauna, complemented by a programme
  • A product package from Nokian Panimo to be enjoyed during the sauna evening
  • A big bottle of sparkling wine to be enjoyed in the teekkari dipping queue

You can look for inspiration and examples of Härwelis from previous years in the photo gallery below.