Härweli competition rules

Härweli Competition Rules


  1. The Härweli competition starts with the patenting of the Härwelis and ends with the publication of the results at Teekkarikaste.
  2. The founding members of Tampereen teekkarit ry can take part in the competition.
  3. The participating associations will only assemble the Härweli team of freshmen, who will take care of Härweli's design and building. 1st year students, including Master's freshmen, will be considered as freshmen for the purposes of this competition.


  1. Each Härweli team must patent two (2) Härweli ideas before starting construction of the Härweli. Ideas are listed in order of priority: the former is the primary and the latter the secondary.
  2. The patent application will also inform the Härweli Team of two (2) contact persons who will receive all bulletins and contacts related to the Härweli Race and the construction of Härwelis.
  3. The right to build Härweli is based on patenting and requires the approval of the race organizers for the idea. The organizers of the competition will process the received patent applications as soon as possible and inform the contact persons mentioned in the application about the acceptance of the ideas.
  4. Ideas are accepted in principle, fast-eating slow: for ideas that are too similar, the first Härweli idea is accepted as a substitute, and the latter is accepted as a substitute for the latter.
  5. If a secondary idea is too similar to an earlier idea, Härweli Team's contact persons are informed separately and ask for new ideas to be submitted for patentability.
  6. All ideas that violate Finnish law and are generally contrary to good taste, exacerbate or offend are prohibited. Anyway, ideas need to be in good spirits.
  7. The Härwel team implementing an abandoned idea will be disqualified.
  8. Patenting begins and ends at specified times, which are announced at http://härweli.fi/patents. The patent application itself is also sent to the same address. Applications received after the end of patenting will not be processed.


  1. The construction of the Härwelis will be carried out in the area designated for construction in Bommisuoja, or Bommar, on the Hervanta campus of the University of Tampere. Each Härweli team has its own place where the Härweli and related building materials must be stored during construction.
  2. No need to reserve a seat.
  3. Härweli's maximum size is 2m x 2m x 4m to ensure that Härweli can be transported on Wappu night. If Härweli's size exceeds the given dimensions, the Härweli team is responsible for transporting Härweli to Alexandra Siltases puisto by their own.
  4. Sabotage, damage or other disruption of construction by other Härweli teams is strictly prohibited and may result in disqualification.
  5. The use of smoke, fire and torches in the Härwelis and in the freshman procession in general is also strictly forbidden! If the Härweli team is considering using other effects, it is recommended that you contact info@harweli.fi to confirm the situation.
  6. Härweli may only be built during specified construction times, which will be communicated separately to the contact persons of the Härweli teams after patenting and can also be viewed at http://härweli.fi. The organizers of the race will always inform the Härweli team liaison officers about any changes to the construction times.
  7. At other times, the Härwelis must be kept away from the storage place designated for them, away from the events taking place in Bommari. The Härweli team is responsible for setting aside Härweli before the end of the permitted construction periods.

Transportation and procession

  1. Härwelis will be stored in Bommari until Wappu Night, when they will be loaded onto a special truck for transport to Alexandra Siltanen Puisto for the next afternoon's freshman voyage.
  2. Härweli team contact persons are responsible for loading their Härweli aboard the Wappu Night.
  3. The Härwel team is responsible for Härweli and its watch from the end of the transport until the end of the procession.
  4. At the end of the procession, the Härwelis will be destroyed by transferring them to the designated rubbish bins in Koskenranta. If the Härweli Team wishes to retain its Härweli in the footsteps of the procession, the Härweli Team will be responsible for transporting its Härweli away from Koskenranta.

Criticism and condemnation of the Härwelis

  1. Härweli will be judged by an authoritative jury appointed by the race organizers in Alexandra Siltanen Puisto on the morning of Wappu Day, 1.5., and in a freshman procession later that day.
  2. Violation of these rules will result in disqualification for the Härwel Team.
  3. Härwels are graded and scored in the following categories, averaged over each Härwel Overall Rating:
    • Timeliness and Highlighting
    • Implementation and construction quality
    • Appearance
    • Technology
    • Showing your field of study
  4. The results of the Härweli race will be announced in the plot of Teekkarikaste as soon as the freshman team arrives in Koskenranta. The announcement announces the winning Härweli as well as special mentions. The winning team will be rewarded with the announcement of the results, so it is the responsibility of the Härweli teams to stay heard during the early stages of baptism and to receive the prizes won.
  5. The jury's decision is final and there is no right of appeal.
  6. Härweli's prizes vary from year to year. Current prizes are available at https: //härweli.fi .

Interpret and change rules

  1. Härweli's organizers' interpretation of these rules is final.
  2. The organizers of the Härweli Competition reserve the right to change these rules outside of the competition period.

The policy was updated on April 4, 2022.