The Voice of Wappu competition rules

The Voice of Wappu Competition Rules

  1. The Voice of Wappu is a competition which is organised alongside the Härweli Competition and is judged by the same judges.
  2. The Voice of Whappu Competition begins on the First of May after the Fuksi Parade has begun to move and ends after the parade has reached Koskipuisto.
  3. All founding members of Tampereen teekkarit ry can participate in the Voice of Whappu Competition.
  4. Sounds levels produced by the fuksis of different organisations will be measured during the Fuksi Parade. The loudest organisation, by decibel count, wins the competition.
  5. During the competition, noise is allowed to be produced through Härweli sound effects, singing and speech.
  6. The decibel count for each organisation will be measured at different points during the parade and the average value of these counts will determine the winner.
  7. The winner of the competition will be announced and will receive their prize during the announcement of the Härweli Competition results.
  8. Prizes for the Voice of Whappu Competition will change each year. The current prizes are listed at
  9. The judges' decision is final and complaints about the ratings will not be accepted.
  10. The organisers of the Härweli Competition have the final say on these rules.
  11. The organisers reserve the right to change these rules outside of the competition times.

The rules have been updated on 3.4.2019.