The Voice of Wappu

The Voice of What??

Organization of the competition will be announced separately in the future, but so far the Voice of Wappu competition will not be held.

The Voice of Wappu! It's another competition, hosted alongside the Härweli Competition. Each fuksi can easily take part in this competition: the goal is to be the noisiest organisation in the Fuksi Parade. The judges will have sound level meters to measure the loudness at different points along the parade path.

Noise is allowed to be produced through Härweli sound effects, singing and speech. The use of megaphones and other accessories is allowed. The exact rules can be found here.


In the Finnish culture, loud shouting and singing is traditionally welcomed with open arms. The prizes for the winners of the Voice of Whappu in 2021 will be some refreshments in the teekkari dipping queue.